What Do I Need?

To shoot a round of Sporting Clays at Lynbrooke you will need the following: a double barrel or semi-automatic shotgun, 100 shot shells, 71/2 or smaller (4 boxes), eye and ear protection and someone to work the remote control as the entire course is automated. A group of two to four shooters is the best size for each group or team. 

How Do I Get Started? 

Check the Special Events page to make sure that Lynbrooke is open and there is not a large event. Call ahead to reserve a golf cart. When you arrive at Lybrooke park in the designated area and come to office to sign in, sign a waiver, pay, receive your scorecard and cart keys. A brief safety talk is given for first-time shooters. Any questions you may have will be answered before heading to the course.

We have one mission:

Lynbrooke Sporting Clays Offers the Premier Clay Shooting Experience for Individuals in Wichita, KS & All Surrounding Communities

The Lynbrooke Sporting Clays Experience

Lynbrooke is a full-service sporting clays facility located in Augusta, Kansas with 13 fully automated stations, Five-Stand and Trap Shooting with Push and Golf Cart Rentals.  Our facility can accommodate groups from 15 up to 200.

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