Instead of the targets thrown from standardized distances and angles, sporting clays courses are designed to simulate hunting for ducks, pheasants, upland birds or even rabbits! Hunters can practice their skill in any season on the Lynbrooke Sporting Clays range. We’re here year round.




Trapshooting is a specific form of clay target shooting where the clay “birds” always originates from a single location or “trap”. This gives an element of predictability that makes this game inviting to beginners as well! Accuracy and skill are required to aim, fire and break the 4.25-inch disc flying through the air at over 40mph- simulating the flight path of a bird fleeing a hunter.



The 5-Stand game is an abbreviated course of sporting clays shot in 25 target games rather than the 100 target games as in traditional sporting clays. This allows you to stay with your shooting buddies instead of moving around in different squads.

Lynbrooke is a full-service sporting clays facility located in Augusta, Kansas with 13 fully automated stations, Five-Stand and Trap Shooting with Push and Golf Cart Rentals.  Our facility can accommodate groups from 15 up to 200.

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